Thursday, September 16, 2004

Basket Case

I got the cutest basket from Michael's yesterday! Husband and I stopped in there yesterday while killing some time before an appointment, and he spotted a great rattan basket to hold knitting things by my recliner. Of course the basket didn't have a price tag on it and this was the only one like it in the store! The department manager for baskets said it was $39.99 and all the baskets were on sale 50% off. She needed to find a UPC for the basket, though, so that it would ring up properly. She looked, and looked, and looked for that code and could not find it. I think she may have hoped we'd give up and not get the basket, but we didn't! Husband told her to just pick a price and UPC and we'd get the basket. She decided on the price of $24.99 for which she could find a UPC which meant I got my great basket for just $12.50! Wow! What a deal. Mocha kitty, our spoiled male part Siamese cat had to check out the basket last night. He apparently thought it was for him, as he sat so regally in it just looking around. I wish we could have gotten a picture of that! I fully expect to come in one day and find Mocha or one of our other kitties curled up in the basket sleeping in the yarn!

I also got a wicker clothes hamper from Wal Mart yesterday. It has a cloth liner, and I'm storing my felting wool and some sock yarn hanks in it. I love the hamper! Unfortunately, moving the yarn into it made me realize just how much yarn I have. EEK! I could knit all day for the rest of my life and possibly not use up this yarn.


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