Saturday, September 18, 2004

Got Yarn?

Yay! What a great day. Not only was the weather sunny and semi-cool, my Twinkletoes sock yarn came in the mail. I received three of the four skeins I ordered and a note saying the other skein will be shipped "tomorrow." That means I should get it on Monday. I love the colors, but I do have to say one thing negative. Be aware that the skins pictured in the auctions are not the skeins you're getting. I ordered one colorway called "Cranapples" which showed on the auction as a lovely predominantly red yarn. What I received is not predominantly red. I still like it, but it's not going to work for what I intended--gift socks for my MIL.

This afternoon daughter and I made two double batches of pizza dough. We baked home made pizzas for dinner and froze the second batch. I would like to mix up a couple more batches of dough to freeze. You just have to love a bread machine. It takes all the drudgery and mess out of mixing dough. I know some people like the work of mixing and kneading, but I'm not one of them. M kitchen is too tiny to make it anything near fun.


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