Monday, September 29, 2008

So Annoyed

I am so annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, and just plain pissed off. My husband spent the entire weekend working on our home office in preparation for my new job that I start next week. We emptied everything out of the room, he primed and painted the walls, and I went in this morning to prime the baseboards and hopefully get them painted today. I noticed streaky, dark roller marks on some of the walls and called him in. He thought perhaps the paint wasn't dry in those areas, but that just didn't make sense. He finished painting early yesterday afternoon. It looks like the two gallons of paint we bought do not in fact match. The base paint had the same dye lot, and the colors were mixed and purchased at the same time at Lowes. In the 20 years that we've been married and painting our own walls, we've never had this problem. More paint is going to have to be bought and more time spent re-doing a project that should be complete at this point. I have become the queen of complaining about poor customer service lately, and you'd better believe that I gave Lowe's on line feedback an earful this morning. My experience has been that complaints at the local level do no good whatsoever, but taking it to corporate gets a response. There's really no fix for this problem (well, they could comp us the paint it's going to take to re-do this mess), but I feel better having gotten it off my chest.


Blogger katey said...

This EXACT thing happened to my parents last fall. (At Home Depot.)

They got the replacement paint for free and a hearty apology from the manager.

But they were pretty beaten down by having had their entire house remodeled for more than a year, they just kind of took it in stride.

Hopefully, you will get an apology and free paint for life. (Or something cool.)

9:09 AM  

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