Friday, September 12, 2008

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It's an overcast Friday morning, but I really like overcast, gray days. I'm hoping we'll get a bit of rain today. The forecast for the past 3 days indicated we'd be having rain, but so far there has been nothing but insignificant drizzle.

I'd hoped to share a modeled finished object photo with you today, but husband and I don't seem to end up at the same time in the same place this week. It's been a busy week, primarily due to the whole test driving, talking a deal, and buying the car thing. Because I'm really proud of the way the cabling turned out in this hat, here's a hat only shot. The designer calls this hat Love Nugget, but the X and O cables remind me more of Hugs and Kisses.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I didn't care for the long ribbing on the original pattern, nor do I like the look of turned up brims. I shortened the ribbing by half on my hat. The fit on this is perfect on husband. He likes a hat that just covers his ears, and this one does that.

I'm lucky to have a bald headed husband. Besides the incredible hotness factor that bald men seem to have (Sean Connery, ladies??), I'm also able to feed my hat knitting addiction. Next on tap is this great hat from BrooklynTweed. Now, to find the perfect yarn for it.

Speaking of yarn, I received an order from Angelika's Yarn Store this week. I'll be using this Cascade 220 (color 8907) to make this tunic top for daughter.

If you've not shopped with Angelika before, give her a try! I've ordered twice now, and the service has been stellar! My orders arrive quickly, communication is great, prices are great.

I spoke with the HR/Recruiting guy at my new company this morning just to make sure the background check and all that was going smoothly--so far so good! I guess it's just a matter of counting down the days now. I'm excited, a little bit scared, and just plain anxious to become a productive member of the working world again--especially now that we have a lovely new car payment! Husband and I are going to re-do the office before I start working. We need to rip out the old yucky carpet, take down the icky drapes, and paint. We really have not touched this room since we moved in (other than to set up computers) and it needs help. It's the only room in our upstairs that still has carpet, and I know there are gorgeous hardwood floors hidden underneath. I will spend a good 8 hours a day in the office come October, so we want me to have a nice, pleasant space.

That's about it for me! I probably won't blog again until next week. We have a soccer tournament at school this weekend, and I have several obligations surrounding that. Enjoy your weekend.


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