Thursday, November 02, 2006

Still SAFFing

Yes, I still have SAFF related photos!

Here's an example of what I enjoyed best about SAFF--friends! I don't have photos of every friend, but here is one of Carolyn and me.

We look a little glazed over, don't we?? Notice our lovely hand knits--Carolyn is sporting a bow knot scarf. I think she spun and dyed the yarn herself. She has on matching socks which you cannot see in this photo. I'm wearing my first Clapotis made from Mountain Colors. I didn't spin or dye the yarn, but I chose the color all by myself! ;-)

We loved staying in the cabin this year. Here are some shots of the inside. First, the loft. This was daughter's domain. It had two beds, so she got her pick.

Here's a view of the downstairs taken from the loft. Notice the brick floor. It was very chilly in the mornings. The gas logs in the fireplace helped that little problem, though. Behind the living area is a dining/kitchen area.

There are also two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs. Here is one of the bedrooms.

The entire cabin is furnished with antiques and unusual odds and ends. Notice daughter making friends here with one such oddity.

The grounds around the cabins are beautifully kept. The natural beauty of the area of course plays a huge part in that. These ducks enjoy swimming in the creek on the property.

There are chairs, hammocks, and benches all around the place so that visitors can sit a spell and enjoy themselves. In spite of the rain, daughter had to try out the hammock.

Here's another photo of daughter enjoying herself.


Blogger Sherry W said...

Man, now I want to go. :)

How's the new wheel doing?

11:01 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

that cabin looks so peaceful!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Beverly said...

Lovely cabin. I'll have to check into them next year. Looks like dd is having all the fun.

10:34 PM  

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