Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pictureless Saturday

I'm so upset about not being able to share pictures!! It's annoying. Maybe when my handsome tech support guy gets out of bed, I can get him to help me out here. Of course, the "honey do" list is long--computer repair, toilet repair (it doesn't run anymore, but it doesn't flush either!), help me figure out wrapping stitches for Lizard Ridge....

There is a bite of fall in the air again today, and it is so nice. I feel energized when the seasons change to cooler weather. Since husband and I have both lost weight, we are lacking a bit in the cool weather clothes department. Thanks to LL Bean, we both have some things on the way. I was fortunate to find quite a lot in the clearance room on their website! I also have ordered a fall jacket from a sporting goods store in California, and it is just 45 minutes away from me right now! It will arrive on Monday, just in time to go off to SAFF. Fed Ex tracking is a glorious thing! I've watched my jacket go from California, to TN, and now to SC.

Speaking of SAFF, it looks like Shea will be there Friday, Carolyn will be there Friday and Saturday; Judy will be there Sunday. Anyone else? Kim? Katie? Theresa?

I have to tell you, I'm not all that excited about SAFF this year. I know, blasphemy. Well, looking at my stash, I see tons of yarn, a lot of fiber in need of spinning, enough wheels and looms in the house for everyone to have one and then some. See what I mean? I am looking forward to seeing friends. We always join the spinning circle with our friends from Peachtree Guild, and that is fun. They are such super nice people. I wish we were closer to Atlanta, because I'd definitely go to their guild meetings. More than anything, I'm looking forward to sitting in the cabin in front of the fireplace with my feet up! That will be heaven.


Blogger Beverly said...

I'm coming up late Friday afternoon. I'll be at SAFF on Saturday. By the way, the beach was very relaxing.

11:17 PM  

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