Thursday, October 19, 2006

Technology is a PIMA

Yep. Technology. Wonderful when it works, major pain in the arse when it doesn't. Right now, my technology doesn't work. There is not a card reader in the house that works. I can't download photos straight from the camera until I buy either more batteries (Which the download process sucks dry) or an AC adapter for the camera. Bummer.

I would have liked to have shown you a photo of Muppet Guts today. Muppet Guts is a scarf/boa that I made for husband's auntie who is a Red Hatter. I made MG using a skein of Bernat Disco in a purple color and a skein of Lion Brand Fun Fur in red. I held the two strands together and knit a 9 stitch i-cord using size 17 DPNs. I was very pleased with the results and hope to be able to show them to you one of these days. Just when I'd decided Disco and Fun Fur were completely worthless, I've proven otherwise! Now, I'm on the prowl for Disco in the blue color and the gold color. Those are daughter's school colors and a Muppet Guts boa in school colors would rock!

The next thing I wanted to share with you today is my third Socktoberfest sock. I'm talking third as in first half of my second pair. I completed a Little Shells sock using Elann sock yarn. The colors are gorgeous plums, greens, and browns. The sock worked up quickly, and I have begun sock 2 of this pair. My goal is to finish it in time to have ready for SAFF. I used this tip from Socknitters, and it worked: To prevent ears on wedge toes: before you graft, slip the outside stitch on each end of the needle over the stitch next to it. You will have two fewer stitches on each needle; that is, if you had ten you will now have eight. I use a crochet hook to do this. Graft as usual and you will have no ears, not even on cotton. I did not use a crochet hook as this person suggested, but I may try that next time. I almost had a dropped stitch disaster!

So...SAFF is next weekend. Who's going? We'll be there Friday for sure. Husband will likely be there on Saturday, too, but I'm not certain yet if daughter and I will join him or if we'll stay at our comfy cabin in front of the fireplace! If you are going to be there, please leave a comment or send me a note. I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers, Knittyheads, whoever!


Anonymous Shea said...

We'll bet there on Friday, but not Saturday... hopefully we'll see you :)


8:49 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I think you already know, but just in case... I will be there Friday and Saturday! Hope to see you ;)

3:04 PM  

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