Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

The bad paint story has a good outcome! I posted a complaint in the feedback section of the Lowe's website thinking that was that and I'd never hear anything more. A couple of hours later, I got an e-mail from a customer service person saying the store manager of our local Lowe's would call me within 24 hours. Last night about 8 PM, the phone rang, and it was Lowe's. The manager was willing to do whatever it took (short of professional painters coming in and re-doing my room!) to make the situation right. We agreed to a complete refund for the two gallons of paint, 2 gallons of replacement paint at no additional charge, and a 5 gallon bucket to mix the two together to ensure no problems with the color this time around. I went in this morning and got all that taken care of. Now, all we have to do is get the room painted and move the stuff back in. I'll be so glad to have that done! My office things are currently scattered throughout the house, and it's making me nuts! I don't do well when the house is a mess.

I'm in the "back to work" countdown! This is my last week of freedom. Ha ha! A huge box of office supplies arrived yesterday--the basic paper, pens, scissors, envelopes, file folders, etc. It's a pretty complete home office supply setup. My computer equipment and Blackberry should arrive on Thursday. I'm most excited about that! Next week, I'll be in NC for orientation/new hire training.

There's nothing going on as far as knitting, spinning, or crochet. We are, however, going to SAFF after all. I really didn't care one way or another if we went and actully had two other things going on that same weekend. Husband and daughter really seemed to want to go, though, so they've made reservations for us in Hendersonville for the weekend. I'm not all that excited about the festival itself, but it will be nice to see friends that I don't see very often. Leave a comment and let me know if you're planning to be there!


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