Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Don't Forget to Vote!

Today is Election Day, and I hope that all of you have or soon will exercise your privilege of voting. I really feel that it's important to vote, and I find it rather troubling that so many people seem to take it for granted.

I made an early trip to the polls this morning, and 45 minutes later, I'd cast my ballot. It was a great feeling to know that regardless of the outcome of this election, I've done my part to try to bring forth change and hopefully get this country back on the right track again.

A great big thank you to my wonderful Knitty Secret Pal! She sent me the nicest gifts. I received a little box containing two gorgeous skeins of amethyst purple wool and silk blend yarn. It is delightfully soft. I have no idea what it will be yet, but I'm certainly enjoying petting it! SP also sent a neat card that she made herself, complete with a poem inside. She's so talented that way. The cutest little lamb tape measure was peaking out of the box and there in the bottom of the box was some yummy See's hard candies in butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavors. Mmm mmm. Thank you, SP. You really are the best!

Daughter amazed me yesterday. She had the day off school due to a school conference, and she spent part of her day spinning. I was prepared to help her with her plying, skein winding, etc. but she did it all herself! She even heat set the twist in the yarn. All I needed to do (and likely, she'd have done this herself if I hadn't stepped in) was spin out the water from the skein and hang it to dry. See what a lovely looking skein she made?

She wants a Woolee Winder for her spinning wheel, and husband and I have agreed to pay half of the cost provided she saves the other half from allowance and gift money and that she show initiative and dedication in her spinning. That means she has to spin at least a few hours every month and she has to finish projects. As an incentive, husband says he'll let daughter use his Lendrum (identical wheel to hers) which has the Woolee Winder on it.

Here is a picture of the yarn that I'm calling Cherry Pie. The photo below looks much oranger than the actual yarn. This roving was my first attempt at using dye all by myself (yay, me!) when husband was out of town. I'm pleased with the results and have since become a dye fiend! It's so much fun.

I knit the second sole for the felted slippers last night and started the top portion for one of them. These really are working up fast which is a good thing. I will probably get at least this slipper top finished tonight and would like to start the second. It's a bit more challenging than the sole, but not hard by any means. I didn't get a chance to test swatch my handspun for felting yesterday, and I want to use it for the slipper cuff. I'll need to determine whether it felts at the same rate as my Nature Spun yarn before working the cuff. I hope that it will be compatible, because I think the slippers would be a more meaningful gift if part of the yarn was something I'd made myself.


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