Wednesday, October 20, 2004

48 Hours to Go!

The countdown to SAFF is well under way! We are leaving about midday on Friday for Asheville. I can't wait. What do we need? Well, nothing. It's just going to be fun to see all the animals and all the vendors. I'm not taking classes. Nothing really jumped out at me as a must do. I am making a list of some things I want (note want, not need) such as some wool yarn for felting.

The spinning demo/class that husband did was quite a success! He did this for an undergraduate weaving class from Savannah College of Art and Design. This opportunity could turn into something more for him. The shop owner asked if he'd be interested in teaching a spinning class! How exciting. He is so in love with spinning and this is just one more way he can help others become as addicted as he is. :-)

Have you ever been too tired to knit? That's been me the past few days. This "single parent" thing I've been going through Monday and Tuesday really sucks! We've been so busy with my job, after school appointments, homework, housework, etc. that I've been too exhausted to do anything in the evenings. Tonight will find us gathering things for daughter's class field trip. They are going on a three day camping trip starting Monday, and we have to pack tonight since we're out of town over the weekend. This trip was put off two or three times in September due to the hurricanes, so I hope that this time they'll actually get to go. The forecast is for rain, but it's now or never for this trip. The kids will love it no matter what.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a lovely, lovely time at SAFF. I hope you find everything on your "want list" there. I'm glad the demo was a success - more spinners mean more fiber availability at the new shop :) I am driving through there tomorrow on business and will take to get a peek at where the shop is.

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