Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Perfect Weekend

We are all in agreement that this weekend was perfect! We spent it at Hilton Head Island, and the weather was glorious--blue skies, sunshine, and cool temperatures. Everyone got to do things they wanted to do, so that was also nice.

Saturday morning we attended a guild meeting with the Savannah, GA Fiberarts Guild. It was great fun. We were an hour late, but no one cared! They were all quite interested in our spinning. Some of them are spinners, but no one brought wheels except the three of us. I guess that's because their meeting area is rather crowded--a classroom full of lovely Schacht looms at one of the colleges.

After the guild meeting, we stopped off at the mall for lunch and an outing at the Bass Pro Shops. We went to see the aquarium there and were pleasantly surprised at all the neat stuff the store carries--clothing, toys, Christmas ornaments, and a neat fishing gadget that husband bought to measure yarn lengths. It's designed to measure fishing line lengths, but it works very well for measuring yarn.

On Sunday morning, husband and I took a leisurely walk on the beach while daughter entertained herself with a movie--one of her favorite things to do in her leisure time. During our walk, we saw three egrets (possibly snowy) and a very entertaining great blue heron. The heron was following some fishermen who were throwing a castnet. He was about 6 feet from them the whole time! Too bad I left my camera at the villa.

After lunch, we all went on a bike ride. I brought my camera this time, but of course there was nothing to photograph! The ride was pleasant. The weather was cool, and most of the tourists are gone, so we weren't dodging cars too much.

I spent a lot of time today spinning. I finished up a batt of corriedale cross wool that I got at SAFF. This one I spun for socks. The yarn is fairly even, and hopefully the fat spots and the way too thin spots will even out in the plying. The yarn is a deep aqua/pine green with some burgandy. It really is pretty.

I felted slippers and a purse Thursday night, and they are STILL not dry!! I realized on the drive home today that I didn't follow the finishing directions for the purse exactly. I was supposed to put folds or pleats into the bottom so that the purse would sit flat. Well, I forgot, and the bag looks just fine the way it is. I've decided to line it with some light colored fabric since it's a black purse. I'm thinking a toile print, if I can find one I like. I will also try to sew some pockets to the lining. That shouldn't be too difficult to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! I haven't been to the beach since late May... too much going on at the farm to get away for too long.

You might try going to Mary Jo's if you find yourself in the Charlotte NC area anytime soon... they have GOBS of fabric... lots of toile in various colors. M makes purses (think Vera Bradley type) and that's where she gets the bulk of her fabric.


10:35 PM  
Blogger Elayne said...

You have reminded me how long it's been since we walked the is perfect in FL right now too.
I was also heartened to read your lovely blog about your daughter....they are truly special people. We are leaving this weekend to see our daughter and son in AZ (different parts)for thanksgiving. It's been too long.

Thanks again for identifying the shell.

8:19 AM  

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