Thursday, November 04, 2004

Beware of Big Foot

I finished knitting the Fibertrends slippers last night and plan to felt them tonight. They are GIGANTIC! I did a test swatch with the handspun that I'd planned to use for the cuff and found that it did not felt at the same rate as the commercial yarn. I'm glad I swatched instead of figuring this out after trying to felt the entire slipper! I hope these turn out well and that I'm able to get them the proper size for my brother's feet.

I started a scarf (possibly to become a mini-shawl) last night using a new novelty yarn, Bernat Matrix. I don't usually care for novelty yarns all that much, but the colors of this one just spoke to me! I'm using Acid Axis (and I didn't realize that was the color when I bought it!) which is a green and teal mix. It's very pretty, I think, and it's draping nicely.


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Swipe the countdown all you want. The way I see it (though many Bush supporters do NOT) it's not me just whining for the next four years, it's me saying "I will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen again." Just click on the numbers, and it'll tell you how to set it up. If you need any help, just holler!

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