Monday, September 11, 2006

New Knitty

Some of the Knittyheads get really fired up when they think it's time for a new Knitty to come out. Anyone who posts with them for a while realizes it's best to be on alert for fake out "new Knitty is up" posts! What can I say? They're an enthusiastic group. I actually forgot the new edition was out on Monday! I must say, the fall edition certainly makes up for the summer edition which in my not so humble opinion was kind of...well, not at all to my taste! There are actually several things in the fall issue that interest me enough that I just might make them.

I love Lucie, and I'm not talking about the old sitcom! The yarn is delicious, the shape of the sweater is fab. I even like that the bell sleeves are not too belled. Viveka is a little hottie, too, but way over the top in terms of bell sleeves. Maybe if I were 20 years younger.... The color combination is really nice, and the v-neck is flattering on most people. Serrano is another sweater that has caught my eye, and I think husband would look fabulous in Avast. Sherwood has some nice cabling going on, but I don't knit for anyone small enough to wear this one.

There's only one hat this issue, Sugar on Snow. It's cute, but I don't know if anyone here would wear a cute hat....I don't wear hats, husband doesn't do cute, and daughter only does cute when the mood strikes. You know how teenagers are. There are FOUR sock patterns. I'm off my sock kick, but at least these are going to be in the archives when the mood strikes me next.

In non-wearable items, Lizard Ridge is calling my name. I don't think an almost $200 afghan is anywhere in my future, though! I'm also having trouble imagining Kureyon as being cuddle up soft. It does soften with washing, but not that much! Little Slip is a cute bag. I'm thinking some boring color combination like red and black, or pink and brown, or blue and brown.... This may be my first project out of this edition. What about Ayla?? She may be targeted for the little girls, but how many of you big girls out there want one for yourself? Me, me, me!

I only had one Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment while looking through the patterns in the fall Knitty, and that was when I saw Intolerable Cruelty. Are there really women out there who want to draw that much attention to their rear ends? Mine doesn't need to be laced up...strapped down maybe, worked out, definitely, but not laced up. The pattern is otherwise nice looking. While it's not my style, the flounce around the hem certainly would appeal to someone younger and daughter perhaps. However, even she with the cute little derriere was puzzled by the lacing effect.

I'm still plowing along on the Irish Hiking Scarf, and it is coming along nicely. I attached the fourth and final skein of yarn last night. I'd debated on whether or not a fourth skein was needed, but I happened to see the "little" gift recipient this afternoon. Gosh. He's gotten so tall! He'll need a long scarf.

Oh, you mom's can relate to this one, I'm sure. Daughter is all better from her illness--about 100% recovered I think. I, on the other hand, went to bed early last night with a 101.7 degree temperature. I'm feeling just yucky enough to be a grump but not so ill that I'm ready to give in and see a doctor about it. Maybe if I just stay focussed on something else, I'll spontaneously cure myself.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Oh no! Feel better soon!

I'm glad you liked the Fall Knitty so much. I know you were disappointed with the last edition so at least this one made up for it! I think, if I do the afghan, I'd do it in a Cotton Blend or something more practical for us in the south. It is a cool pattern, nevermind the effect the yarn gives it too.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Vera said...

Overall, I like the new Knitty. I wish I had the figure for that skirt; it would be cool for a non work related holiday party.

Fake "New Knitty is Up" posts? Wow.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous HappyPiranha said...

I agree with you - lots more things to add to the "to knit" list this time around. I laughed about Intolerable Cruelty - definitely not something I want to draw attention to either!

8:28 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

I like a lot of things in there, too...and if I were 30 years younger and a whole lotta pounds lighter I MIGHT wear that skirt, but not now! ;-)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Sherry W said...

You could do intolerable without the lacing if you liked the shape!
Ivy is my favorite, but really
there is nothing for me to *knit* this issue! I think it's a great one, but I have other wrap sweaters, socks, etc in the wings. I had to pare down my bag collection, so no more knitted bags for me for a bit.

1:17 AM  
Blogger mf said...

Hope you feel better soon!

9:19 AM  

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