Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Looks Like I Made It

Just 10 minutes until I am officially on vacation from work. That is the point at which the computer will be shut down and the phone line unplugged. Hallelujah! Maybe I can learn to breathe again between now and January 3.

Daughter has some sort of mysterious Christmas gathering this afternoon, and I believe I'll hit the yarn shop while she's at that. I am running a little short on yarn for the Alien Illusion Scarf and need to pick up more. I am so pleased with this scarf! It is a breeze to work, and actually, it works up quickly. The patterning is just every other row (the even rows) with the odd rows being all knit or purl. I'm not having any trouble at all dealing with the chart or the two different colors of yarn, but I know this is a very simplistic pattern. I'll try to get some photos of this for you soon.


Blogger Vera said...

Enjoy your vaction!!!!

2:12 PM  

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