Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In continuing my lemming like ways, I'm following the crowd that are posting thankful topics this week.

I'm thankful to be done with my first lace shawl. I've never created something as beautiful as this. I'm very thankful to Susan for writing the pattern and to Carolyn for letting me know it was out there.

I'm thankful that daughter finished one of her hats. This one is made of some sort of expensive bulky Noro. I can't remember what the specific yarn is, but isn't the hat lovely? The girl's not so bad either.

I'm thankful for a job that pays the bills and supports my fiber addiction, even if I don't always like the job.

I'm thankful for our home. It truly is our safe haven from the mad and crazy world.

I'm thankful to be married to my best friend. We've known each other for over 23 years and been married almost 19 years. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm doubly happy that he also knits and spins, so he understands why there is so much yarn and fiber in the house.

I'm thankful to have a healthy, happy young woman for a daughter. She's the most important part of my life and I love her more than life itself. MLE, you are the best, and I'm proud to be your mom.

OK. Enough mush. I'm starting to tear up, and we can't have crying.

I'm currently working on a black shrug for daughter. I'm using bulky weight Encore and a pattern found on line. The pattern is called Chocolate Shrug. It's knit flat, and I'm going to re-write the pattern for a different weight yarn and knit primarily in the round. I just can't see the sense of seaming if I don't have to. Just wish I'd come to that conclusion about 20 inches ago! The shrug is turning out nicely, I think. Pictures will come when it's done and I have a model.

I bought some Patons SWS to make myself more slippers. I need a pair and a spare for when one is in the wash. Husband still has his Fuzzy Feet to felt. Maybe we'll get around to that this weekend.

We went to Peachtree Guild meeting on Sunday and had a good time. There were so many people there--so many spinners. The drive isn't fun (about 2 hours) but it's worth it to spend time with people we enjoy.

We are home this weekend for Thanksgiving--just the three of us, which is our tradition. Today is my last day of work for the week and daughter's last day of school. We'll do most of our cooking tomorrow. I'm looking forward to eating yummies. We always have the same menu. That's tradition, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Blogger Vera said...

What a lovely post, and your daughter did a great job on the hat.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Lovely post and so glad that the whole family shares in the fiber love! DD's hat is really good! :)

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom, that is one of the worst pics of me!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nice post! It's important to stop and remember how lucky we are.

6:29 PM  

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