Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good Things Wednesday

Last night, husband hung the new ceiling fan in our home office. It looks great--short blades, ceiling hugging, and white so that it blends in. I need to pick up light bulbs for it, as we forgot to buy those. The old fan hung way down and had an ugly gold ball globe on it. It really made the ceiling look low.

I picked up the new paint (gratis, thanks to Lowe's excellent customer service), and painted the walls in the office today. We still need to do the trim work on the molding and paint the door. Husband is also going to paint the inside of the closet with some white paint to make it appear a bit brighter. The primer alone has improved the looks of the closet walls tremendously.

I am hopeful that we can get the furniture and things moved back into the office on Friday. My first official day of work is Monday, and even though I'll spend the first week out of town at training, I don't want to come home to the mess that is currently our home!

Once everything is in place, I'll take pictures to share. Right now, the card reader is goodness knows where, so I cannot get any pictures onto the computer.

Deliveries have been arriving steadily this week for work. I've gotten a big box of office supplies from Staples (our company's preferred office supply provider) and a box of letterhead envelopes. I don't have letterhead stationery yet, but maybe that will come soon. Something is coming via Fed Ex today, too. I'm not sure, but think this may be my computer equipment or at the very least my new printer. The good thing is that all these things are supplied by the company at no charge to me. Of course, if I were to leave this job, then everything would need to be sent back.

My travel itinerary and agenda for the week of training has also arrived--finally! I am a person who likes to plan ahead, and it seems that the travel arrangements were made rather last minute. Oh well. I'm very excited about the training and about meeting my co-workers.

I've signed up for a RAK group on Ravelry, and posted my first wish list this morning. Someone has already contacted me about sending one of the patterns I was wishing for, and I've been in touch with another lady about some needle felting wool she's looking for. I think this is going to be fun. I've participated in Secret Pals on line before, and those can be disappointing sometimes. RAK swaps seem a lot better, in my opinion.


Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

I got a ceiling fan above my bed for Mother's Day last year. I LOVE it. Perfect for this stage of life.

1:08 PM  

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