Sunday, September 26, 2004

Great Shop in Savannah, GA

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend at the beach. Friday, we took a little trip to Savannah where we visited our new friend Jennifer Harvey, owner of Wilde Fiber, a shop specializing in yarn and knitting supplies, weaving supplies, and spinning supplies. Jennifer has only been open for a few weeks (about 8, I think) and already she has loads of nifty things. Husband is going to do a spinning demo for Jennifer for some of the Savannah College of Art and Design students, and I think I even heard her hinting about some classes. On top of having a very nice and welcoming environment, Jennifer and her family (we've met them all!) are really nice and friendly people. Drop in and visit Wilde Fiber located on Liberty St. in downtown Savannah!

I am happy to report that I've retrieved my digital camera, so new pictures will be coming soon including some knitting pictures and some pictures of the stormy scene at Hilton Head Island this morning.


Blogger Shea said...

Hey!! Just found your blog! Looks great! Are you and the family still going to SAFF this year? I've not been over at KR much (Long Story!) so I've not been keeping up with posts at all. Great to find you're blog!


5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Shea! I left a comment on your blog. We are going to SAFF and would love to meet you. Drop me a note at sc_beach_girl_6572 at and we'll make some plans!


9:26 AM  

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