Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pictures at Last

I have a couple of pictures to share today! You've all been patiently waiting for these, I know.

First, here is the scarf for daughter's friend. I finished it last night. This is made from some e-bay yarn--a mohair, wool, and I'm not sure what blend. The scarf measures 9 inches wide and 65 inches long. It is going to someone in Ohio, so I hope it will be cozy and warm for her.

Daughter had her etiquette class last night, so we killed an hour shopping in Michael's until she got done. I bought a wine bottle box which I think will be perfect to hold straight needles. They had all sorts of patterns, but I chose this with the grapes. The box is round and measures 13 inches tall and as big around as a bottle of wine.

I bought two skirt patterns this afternoon for daughter. We're planning to go fabric shopping this weekend so that I can make her a skirt. I'm planning to get some plaid fabric and make a pleated short skirt like all the teen and pre-teen girls are wearing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw the wine box thing over at Patternworks (it's on the last page of the sale). I kept thinking that since wine boxes are sort of popular now that it would be easy to pick one up for the same purpose! I have a metal wine tin that a bottle of wine came in (I'm a sucker for marketing... esp. where tins and metal boxes are concerned!). It's too short to hold the needles and have the top on, so I just leave the top off and let the pretty needle tops show!
The scarf is really pretty and I'm sure your daughter's friend will love it!


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