Monday, December 13, 2004

Wheel Is In Town...

The new wheel is in town, but unfortunately it isn't at my house! I had a meeting today during the normal time I take my lunch break and go pick up daughter at school. Because of the meeting, she stayed in after school care so that I could pick her up later. Of course, the mail woman had to be running late today!! I came home to find a nice little card tucked in the mail box informing me that my wheel was sitting in the post office. I can pick it up tomorrow, but I sure was looking forward to having it tonight. The high speed kit came in the mail today. I have a drive band and a whorl, but it's not doing me any good at present!!

Husband is getting ready to wind the warp for Mom's scarf. Actually, he's outside building a raddle for his loom. Don't ask me what that is. I don't weave!

I've finally decided this Christmas thing just has to happen whether I'm in the mood for it or not. Shopping is one more thing to have to do, but the Internet does make it easier! I also don't see anyone else rushing out to do it. I'm in the process of ordering gifts for husband and praying they arrive on time! I have already purchased one item tonight and it should be delivered on December 28. That's OK, because that's perfect timing for this particular gift! I can't be more specific since husband reads my blog. (You'll like it, honey. Trust me!)

I was sweating bullets about not getting daughter's annual Precious Moments ornament this year, but Super Husband came through! I sent him a URL last week, and he ordered the ornament while I was in VA. It came tonight. You know, those Precious Moments ornaments really are precious! This year's features mittens. How perfect! This is the 12th annual ornament daughter is adding to her collection.

Brother and I are going in together to give Mom a Christmas gift. He did the shopping yesterday, so I just have to write him a check. Mom had her kitchen redone this year including getting a ceramic top stove. She wanted new pots, and we've gotten her a set of All Clad stainless steel pots. I have two sets of All Clad and they are the best pots and pans I've ever used. Mom is going to be thrilled!!

We are seeing husband's family on Saturday, so I need to get to gift wrapping and make sure we have a present for everyone. Husband is baking cheesecake (he makes the most wonderful cheesecake) and I am likely making a casserole to take along. I think everyone is going to bring a dish to share. Mother in law put in her order for cheesecake. She's addicted!


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