Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rape of the Land

Thank goodness we are moving out of this neighborhood. We moved in here 12 years ago, and there was an empty lot next to us. There are also woods behind us which likely won't be developed due to some utility lines and water collection ponds further back on it. The who sold us this place said that the lot next to us was so small that it could NEVER be built on. Note to self: if someone tells you "never," run for your life! Well, guess, almost 12 years later, someone is butchering the trees on that little lot, and they are going to build a house. I am so sad for the birds and squirrels who used to live there. I hope they'll be OK. The trees used to hide our deck and kitchen window from the next door neighbors, but now I can't even sit here at the computer with the blinds open, or I'm on display. I am SO glad we are leaving this place and going where there are woods that will never be raped. I can promise you we will do whatever we can to protect the land we are buying from being butchered.

In retrospect, we should have bought the little lot, but we haven't had the money to do that until recently. We've had the idea of moving from here in our minds for the past couple of years, so we didn't see the point then in buying the additional property and thus running the asking price for our house up even more. Live and learn, right? I'm counting the days until our closing (should be by May 25) and our move this summer. I need to be where there are birds singing and squirrels scampering. This incessant beep, beep, beep of bulldozers is grating on my nerves.

I want to close this post on a good note, so let me tell you about the tank top! It is coming along nicely. I am done with the back (just need to weave in the ends) and got to the point last night where the pattern says to add on another ball of yarn and begin the neck shaping on the front piece. That should be easy enough. Does anyone have any particular tips on weaving ends with mostly cotton yarn? The cotton fleece seems a bit slippery, and I don't think it will weave in as nicely as wool yarn does.

Pictures later this week! I've run out of space on my ISP and need to find another host.


Blogger amanda said...

yay donna! i'm so excited for you guys :O)

1:04 PM  
Blogger margene said...

It is incredible that they call this progress and it's happening all over the US. Good for you in finding a nice quiet place to live.

7:34 PM  
Blogger entrelac said...

Start counting the days until peace and birdsong (note I didn't say quiet. ;) )

About weaving in the ends on the cotton fleece, treat it like wool, but at some point as you're weaving in the end, split a strand of yarn on purpose, preferrably a bit of the yarn already woven in. That'll help lock it in place without making an actual knot. :)

7:06 PM  

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