Sunday, April 24, 2005

Severely Restless

I am what my mother-in-law would call "a restless goose." Why would a goose be restless? Beats me. Perhaps it thinks it may become Sunday dinner? I am restless because I'm impatient and anxious about the house. This time tomorrow night, I'll definitely know something.

I haven't really been able to settle to anything today. Husband went to the local fiber group meeting, but I was just more not in the mood for that today than I usually am. Most of the people in our group are genuinely super nice, but the thought of being in a confined space for a number of hours wasn't too nice. (I don't do well when I have to sit for long periods of time. I am a pacer on the best of days.) Besides, I had Mount Laundry" here to tackle. After I'd made a molehill of the mountain, daughter and I watched a DVD called Sleepover. It was some adolescent type film, but it wasn't too bad. We also knitted some purses to felt. Both of us finished our knitting and felting, and the purses are drying tonight. She is making I-cord for her handles, and I plan to purchase some braid from the fabric store for my handles. We both used yarn we'd dyed and spun ourselves. Pictures to come later. I am hoping that an actual finished object will be an inspiration for daughter. She often has follow through issues and doesn't finish projects. She knits beautifully, too.

Carolyn asked about the felted bag, and I can only assume she's talking about the Market Squares. I've gotten half way through it and am bored with it. It's currently residing in my knitting bag, but it's near the top. I love the pattern, and I will most definitely finish it...just not now.

Oh, chick update. The eggs were supposed to hatch this past Monday. We left them in the incubator until tonight and they did not show any signs at all of hatching. In fact, daughter claims they were starting to smell. I didn't check that out myself. They have since been taken outside. Shea, we were using a low tech incubator borrowed from a friend. This was a tiny one that only holds three eggs, has a night light sized light bulb, and you add water to it to keep up the humidity. I'm not sure where things went wrong. We'll try this incubating business again another time.


Anonymous Donald said...

According to the "Birds of Nova Scotia" website at
the Canadian goose gets restless every spring.

"At the approach of spring, wintering flocks become restless and noisy as the compelling urge to return to northern nesting grounds awakens."

~Donald (also a restless goose :)

6:24 AM  

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