Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Ramblings

I spent the weekend doing a whole lotta nothing. It was nice. Yesterday, I cast on for the Little Coco bag for myself. It is knitting up quickly. I'm using a dark green and a medium green for my bag--dark green for the bottom and trim. I could potentially finish it off tonight if I'm industrious. I'm heading out on a business trip tomorrow, though, so I may not be that industrious tonight.

We watched two good movies this weekend. First up was The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. This is one of those "just let go and enjoy" kind of movies. Don't try to figure it out!

Last night, we accidentally watched Casanova with Heath Ledger and probably some other people. Honestly, I didn't notice a soul except Heath! Are you wondering how one watches a movie by accident? Well, husband was playing with the satellite TV remote looking at the pay per view movies. He meant to just get info on this one but somehow it ended up purchased! I figured if we were going to pay the $4 for it, we may as well watch it.

I believe I'll be getting a wheel delivery this week!!! That's exciting, eh? No matter how many wheels you own, it's always exciting to add a new one to the flock.

Beverly asked about the hat pattern for my Noro hat. Here's a link to the e-bay listing for that pattern.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked The Lake House, too. About Casanova - I've loved Heath ferever and ever and ever, but stayed away b/c of Sienna Miller. It's still worth it?

I love the colours of the Coco bag, btw - there just aren't enough green bags out there.

9:54 AM  
Blogger DeltaDawn said...

Didja get your Lendrum yet?

9:06 AM  

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