Saturday, November 11, 2006


Yesterday was a day for rides. We test drove a new ride--the Honda Pilot. It was really nice, and probably in my future within the next year or so. Once you go SUV, you don't go back. I just cannot imagine driving a car again after having had something bigger.

Last night, we tried out some different rides at the fair. We've not been to the fair in many years, and daughter was practically begging to go with some of her school friends. No way are we turning a 13 year old loose at a fair, so we became the designated chaperones. I was pleased to see that this fair was cleaner and better maintained than fairs I remember. It was in the "rich" county nearby, so perhaps that had something to do with it? Husband and I ended up acting like kids ourselves and enjoyed a couple of spins on the Sizzler and the Himalaya. We were headed for the Ferris Wheel when a certain 13 year old swiped our last tickets. There's always next year!


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