Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008

There are no pictures to share, but on the knitting front, I have several projects going. I have started the second half of the Naughty/Nice scarf for my brother. This is an illusion knit scarf from Son of Stitch 'n Bitch--the naughty is that there is a naked lady pole dancing hidden within the scarf.

I'm also working on Harlot's one row scarf using some handspun fiber from my SAFF stash. The yarn turned out well if I do say so myself.

Finally, I've cast on for the Central Park Hoodie for daughter. I'm barely started with it, but it seems to be an interesting pattern.

Today is my first day back at work after a rather lengthy Christmas vacation. More detailed posting to come in the near future!


Blogger Beverly said...

Happy New Year!

I'll have to check out the Son of Stitch 'n Bitch just to see the scarf. I'm sure my brothers would get a hoot out of that one.

7:27 PM  

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