Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tick Tock

Time is running out--my free time, that is. In just 4 more days, I'll be back amongst the gainfully employed 9-5ers once again. I'm excited about that, and a little scared.

Work goodies continue to arrive daily at my front door. Good stuff came yesterday--a 4 in one fax/copier/printer/scanner. I've always had laser jets previously, but this one is a photo quality color ink jet. Hopefully it will work well. I'm excited that it has a flat bed scanner! I also got my BlackBerry Curve. It makes me feel stupid, so I guess I will have to run the tutorial to figure it out. The SIM card wasn't installed when the thing arrived. It was inside the phone but just rattling around. It was not obvious to me where the card went, and the manual was no help at all. After about 15 minutes of Googling, I finally found instructions for installing the card. I'd like to think that I'm really not that stupid, and that omitting instructions for this was just a mistake by the BlackBerry people.

Today, my laptop is supposed to arrive. I was hoping that it would be a MacBook, but that is highly unlikely! :) I'm also allowed to purchase a carry bag for the laptop, so a trip to TJ Maxx is definitely in order. I saw some really stylish designer bags there last week. I have some very utilitarian computer bags, but being a bag ho, if someone tells me I can buy a new one, I will do that!

Daughter's Sophomore class is fund raising to earn money to pay for Prom next year. They've sold homecoming t-shirts for the big game weekend, and they are having a cake raffle this weekend also. I'm going to make my famous (ha ha!) Kahlua cake. It's so yummy!!


Blogger Robin said...

I got a Blackberry Curve Tuesday! Fortunately, I got it at the store so they installed all the stuff. I can't figure out how to change ringtones. I bet I have to purchase / download / upload tones. If that's the case --- oh well!

12:14 PM  

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