Thursday, September 30, 2004

Proud Mom

Congratulations to my daughter and her middle school volleyball team! They won their game today, and she got to start in the first game. (The matches consist of two games and a tie breaker game if necessary; our girls won the first two games, so no tie breaker today.) That's two victories this week for these girls. They have won all but one game this year. This is pretty amazing considering none of them have played on a volleyball team before. The girls are mostly 6th grade with a few 7th graders. They work so hard and have so much fun doing it. Even when they make mistakes and even when they lost that one game a few weeks ago, the girls all keep smiles on their faces and have good attitudes.

I made a lot of progress on the little shells sock last night. I've begun the gusset decreases. I took the sock to the game today and showed it off to some of the other moms--I'm the only knitter, unfortunately.

We likely have company coming in on Saturday (proud grandma and uncle) for the Homecoming game at my daughter's school. They are coming to watch her play. That means tonight is house clean up night.

Tomorrow night is the Middle School Homecoming Dance for daughter. Husband and I are going for coffee and dessert at one of the bookstores. We may be able to meet up with a local knitter that I met on line. That will be fun!


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