Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another Victory!

Yesterday was homecoming at daughter's school. My mom and brother were in town for the volleyball game. The girls played in front of what was likely their biggest crowd to date. The stands were filled with cheering parents, grand parents, other proud family members, and friends. I am so impressed with how well the girls played. Our team won game one (in which my daughter started--so proud of her!!), lost game two, and won the tie breaker. That gave us victory for the match. We left after volleyball was over to have a celebratory lunch at Ruby Tuesday and some family time at home.

Last night, we printed out several documents for daughter's science experiment. She's expanding a bit on her yeast bread topic to include sourdough, too. One of the sourdough papers tells how to "capture" your own yeast rather than using the packaged, so she's going to try that. It should be interesting.

While searching through some old cook books, I found the instructions for a sourdough bread that I used to make years ago. I'm going to set up a starter of my own and see if I can get this going again. I used to bake bread every week, but somehow I got busy and forgot to feed my starter for a few weeks. That was the end of that! If things go well with my own sourdough attempts, I'll share the recipes here later.

There was no time for fibery adventures yesterday or Friday, unless you count that I picked up 4 balls of the new Lion Brand ribbon yarn. I normally do not care for ribbon, or rather, it doesn't care for me, but these colors were too pretty to pass up. I have two balls of the Fall Leaves colorway and two of the Copper Pennies.

I spent the afternoon spinning some of the pencil roving I dyed a few weeks ago. I spun the bunch that is dyed purple, green, and gold. I'm so pleased with the way the yarn turned out. I did not draft the roving at all, because I wanted a bulk yarn. I have to set the twist in the yarn and let it dry. Pictures will be coming later in the week.


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