Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sew Easy

Sometimes, I do amaze myself! (No ego problems here either, eh?) As I mentioned a few weeks ago, daughter has a lead role in her middle school musical. It's set in the 50s, and their "big" performance is for Grandparents Day which is Tuesday. I bought the poodle skirt, the saddle shoes, the silk scarf to tie up a pony tail, and the sweater to go with the outfit. The one thing I didn't buy was the crinoline to go under the poodle skirt. Somehow, paying $35 for a big wad of black netting (the skirt is black, so the crinoline would need to be as well) just didn't sound logical.

Tick-tock, tick-tock and performance time is almost upon us. I dashed down to the 50s shop yesterday to buy the darned black crinoline only to find the store dark and locked up tight....not to open again until Tuesdy aka Performance Day. Drat! What to do, what to do??

I ran over to Wal Mart and purchased 7 yards of black tulle fabric. Somehow, I was going to make this crinoline if it killed me!! A light bulb went off over my head last night, and I came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of trying to run gathering threads through 7 yards of slippery tulle, I'd sew a casing and run elastic through it. The elastic could do the job of making the gathers for me! How clever! I put that plan into action this moring and voila--instant crinoline!! The only complaint I've heard is "It's itchy." Well, yes, that's the nature of the tulle beast. It is itchy, but daughter looks great in her costume. If I can get her to stand still, I'll try to post a picture later this week. Right now, she's just twirl happy--you know those big circle skirts are just the thing for twirling.

Yesterday, the chorus gave a sneak preview of their show at one of the book stores. There were only about 1/3 of the kids present--last minute warning that this performance would take place combined with "weekend" don't make for a large turn out! I was impressed with what this small group of kids did, and I can't wait until Tuesday to hear the whole chorus belt out the 50s tunes--in three part harmony no less. The highlight of the day for daughter was that one of our dear family friends came to see the show. Daughter considers this lady her "local grandma" and you know how little girls (even ones who are fast becoming young women) feel about their grandmas!

I got to the LYS yesterday and picked up yarn to make the Bzzzz hat out of Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I actually got enough yarn for two hats--one for daughter and one for a friend of hers. Maybe I can get these done in time for Christmas. The shop lady had a sample worked up in the store, and it was so cute!

I also bought some size 10.5 DPNs and a 16 inch circular to use on the Fuzzy Feet. I know I can breeze through the cuff and foot of the Fuzzy Feet much more quickly with the circular. I want to finish off that second footy and felt them. I picked up puff paint for the soles at Michaels on Friday night. If thes slippers look good once felted, I just may manage to give everyone on my Christmas list a hand knitted item after all.

Last night I worked on the Fluted Banister sock. It's the current sock in the 6 Sox KAL. I know that I won't make the deadline of the end of this month to complete the pair. I'm not even done with the first sock! Oh well, c'est la vie. It's a nice pattern, and I don't really need to meet a deadline. Life has too many other deadlines without getting shook over a KAL deadline.

Tonight is daughter's "social debut." She's been in a manners and etiquette class for the past couple of months, and the culmination of the class is a formal dinner at the country club. She's really excited about this, and I am, too. That means 2 hours of grown up time for husband and me!! I hope we can make it over to Atlanta Bread Company. A bread bowl full of soup and a seat by the fireplace sound like a nice way to spend our evening. Maybe we can take along knitting to add to the fun!

Oh...I've had some comments on the blog and want to respond here. To the teenage boy who wants to know how much I'd charge to knit him a hat. Sorry, but I only knit for people to whom I'm related by blood or marriage. I can, however, suggest some books so that you can learn to knit your own hat.

To those who commented about the roving I accidentally won, yes, it was one of those wonderful kind of accidents. The color combination is lovely, I think. I have absolutely no idea what the resulting yarn will be. I may just need to sit and pet that roving for a while to figure it out!


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Your blog is such fun to read! I love the elasticized crinoline idea...

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