Sunday, January 09, 2005

Spinning Silk

The silk worms have started cocooning! How cool is that? Husband gave them some empty paper towel tubes, and a couple of worms have decided to crawl inside and make cocoons. Here's a group shot of the worms followed by a photo of the two cocoons.

I'm not sure if we're going to be able to see the whole life cycle of the silk worms, but what we're seeing so far is interesting. Here's a link to some information about silk worms: How to Raise Silk Worms. If daughter will get into this activity (the interest has waned!), she'll have her science project for the second semester completed.

Remember I told you that I'd knitted some of my handspun yarn over the holidays? Here's the resulting hat:

I'm pleased with it. It was fun knitting yarn I'd spun myself, too! This is the first time I've knitted my own handspun or really any handspun!

I've been almost ashamed to tell you that I've been using acrylic yarn. I must say that I've NOT enjoyed the experience!! I am a yarn snob and not ashamed to say it. However, in a couple of instances lately, I've needed to knit for people who cannot or will not properly care for delicate wool articles. One such person is husband's aunt who is disabled and just not capable of handwashing something as big as a shawl. I wanted her to have something special, though, so I chose some Red Heart Symphony which is a mohair like yarn. Surprisingly, it isn't that bad, although real mohair is much nicer to work with. The shawl is turning out well, and it is soft and warm. That's what matters. Here's a shot of what I have so far:

The shawl is going to be a big rectangle. Although I bought three skeins for this project, I believe that I can finish it with two. That'll be a bit more than 600 yards. I'm working it on a 40 inch size 15 Addi Turbo needle. The knit, knit, knit is slow going because we're talking so many stitches per row. I am pleased with what I have so far, though.

When I finish the shawl, I have to get on some felted slippers for my brother. I'd made him a pair for Christmas, but they were too small. Those will be felted down just a bit more for either husband or me (likely husband) and a new pair made (in blue berry colored Nature Spun) for my brother.

I really, really want to finish up those socks that are just hanging about before taking on any other projects (other than the slippers). The socks keep calling me bad names and it isn't fun! :) They need mates, or in the case of the fluted banister, it needs to be complete and then it needs to find a mate.

Husband is headed out for a fiber group meeting this afternoon, but daughter and I are planning a day of sitting around in our PJs at home. I am feeling some better from my creeping crud, but still not 100% back to normal. Being sick has left me feeling weak and tired and just in need of my own surroundings! Since the February meeting falls on daughter's 12th birthday (and I refuse to put her through a meeting on her birthday when she doesn't enjoy them anyway. Sitting around for 4 hours and being 12 years old just don't go together!) it looks like March before I'll make it back. Oh well. Such is life, and family needs come first.


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I have but one thing to say about this post...


... I prefer my yarn (and food) quite seperated from anything recognisable. Worms? Now that's just... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.


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