Friday, December 17, 2004

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

I have a great boss. Work has been like hell on earth lately, and this week--yesterday, actually--was just the moldy icing on the stale cake. My boss, sensing my extreme frustration and realizing how hard I work, gave me strict orders to leave the office as soon as possible yesterday. I work from home but still have an office and hours when I'm expected to be in. I managed to get in an 8 hour day in spite of leaving 2 hours ahead of "scheduled" quitting time. It really helped, believe it or not. I have slightly more energy to face today's onslaught.

After dinner last night (which we actually had at a decent hour due to getting off work early), daughter announced that she needed Christmas gifts for some school friends and wondered if I had any spare yarn. (LOL at "spare yarn." Has this child noticed the stash in my office??) We rounded up some fun fur, Bernat Boa, Patons Twister (a god-awful yarn!), and some sort of soft, feathery type thing without a label. Daughter took off with size 17 needles and the Twister to make a scarf. What a recipe for disaster! Size 17s are not that easy to use--too big and bulky--and that Twister is, as I said, god-awful. It's a blend of something like Boa twisted with a chenile yarn. Chenile. Need I say more?? Meanwhile, I whipped out a scarf on some size 13s in no time. In fact, in about 5 hours total, I made three little frou frou novelty yarn scarfs. I'm rather proud of that accomplishment. Woman as knitting machine.

Husband dear finished off my Kiwi last night. He rubbed it down with steel wool then applied Woodbeams. Following that treatment, he put the wheel together and took it out for a test spin! This was after I'd collapsed in bed for the night.

The wheel is adorable! I'll take photos this weekend and also will let you know how it spins.

The holiday rush officially begins tonight. We have a gift wrap forced march tonight in preparation for the family visit to husband's side of the family on Saturday. We're seeing my side of the family on Christmas afternoon. After that, my vacation time is my own! I like family and friends just fine, but I am a homebody. I am happiest in my own habitat enjoying peace and quiet! Thank goodness we're only invited to one Christmas party this year!!


Blogger Amie said...

I think size 13 is my favorite for those "woman as knitting machine" projects - it's what I'm using for my cousin's gift (I'll have pictures next week, but a hat took exactly 1 hour, less if you don't count the potty breaks for me and the dog) Gotta love it.

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