Monday, September 19, 2005

Knit Together

We're so lucky to have a new yarn shop in Augusta, GA. The shop, Knit Together, is located in Fury's Ferry Station at the corner of Fury's Ferry Road and Riverwatch Parkway, 229 Fury's Ferry Road Suite 115. Hours are Tuesday 10-8 and Wednesday through Saturday, 10-4. I'm thrilled they'll have an evening open for us working folks who can't always make it in during the daytime hours.

Knit Together is a cozy and welcoming little shop run by Selly Goodwin and Lynn Anderson. Upon walking into the shop, the things that caught my eye were two tables of lovely felted items. There are also lots of cozy chairs, a large work table with chairs around, and plenty of room to move around and see the selection of yarns, needles, notions, patterns and books. Knit Together also carries a variety of books, cards, photos, and gifts with a spiritual bent in addition to the knitting items. I noticed Addi and Plymouth needles, Blue Sky Alpaca, Plymouth and Cascade yarn, and several others that I can't remember! There was just so much to take in!

Selly and Lynn were very nice. We sat with them for a while and felt like we'd known them forever. I'm sure they have not seen the last of us! In fact, I may just run away tomorrow afternoon and spend a bit of time knitting and chatting.

Disclaimer: No, I'm not affiliated in any way with Lynn and Selly or the shop. I'm just thrilled to pieces to have a great yarn shop within a 15 minute drive of my house!


Blogger amylovie said...

Yea for nice yarn shops! If you are anything like me, you will be spending a lot of time there.


3:31 PM  

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