Sunday, September 18, 2005

SP Goodies

Everyone at Knitty thinks she has the best Secret Pal. I'm really sorry to tell them all that they are mistaken. You see, I am the one who has the best Secret Pal. She's sweet and thoughtful, sends me little notes and e-cards, and yesterday, a box of heaven arrived on my front step.

My pal knows me well. There is a pattern for Edgar tucked safely inside a sheet protector; two skeins of Noro Silk Garden in color 211 with which to make Edgar; a skein of Knitpicks dye your own yarn in sock weight; a copy of Knitting on the Road; a really pretty postcard showing a view of the NYC skyline (with the Twin Towers) taken from Liberty Island; the most gorgeous little floral bag I've ever seen (wonder if SP sewed this herself?); and not pictured is a yummy chocolate bar. The chocolate was a little overcome by the SC heat, and it's now resting comfortably in my fridge. I feel sure that I'll have to put it out of its misery sometime within the next day or so. Thank you so much, SP, for the wonderful goodies! You know me well, it seems.

I received some fiber from Danielle at NoNoKitty to test spin back in June (just around the time we moved) and have finally gotten around to it!! Boy, was that fun. Danielle sent me two colors to test out, a blue/purple mix and a green mix. They are 85% wool and 15% mohair blends, and are they ever soft! I've not yet plied the singles and am contemplating plying them together. Danielle has a very good eye for color. Check out her web site for some more of the things she's done.

We were going to have a family dye day today, but SOMEBODY broke the water pump last night. We're on well water, and if the pump doesn't work, we have no water in the house. Our pump guy is trying to find us a part, but it is now almost 1 PM, and I have a bad feeling we're going to be out of water until tomorrow. I won't say anything else about this, because I can think of nothing positive to say.

Just so that I won't end on a bitchy note, I'll share with you that we have a new yarn shop in Augusta, GA! It's fabulous!! I'll give a review tomorrow. The shop is called Knit Together, and we enjoyed a nice visit with the two wonderful shop owners yesterday.


Blogger ~drew emborsky~ said...

Wow, that's quite a haul! Woo HOO!!!

1:12 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Your SP is a sweetie. Nice stuff!


1:42 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

lucky you!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Sarah Elizabeth said...

that fiber you spun is lovely! Very nice. :)

9:40 PM  

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