Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Answering Your Comments

I wanted to take a few minutes to address some questions asked in comments.

The Booga Bag pattern is right here. The pattern is very easy and works up fast! Also, when I felt, I spin the water out of the item in the washer. That speeds up drying time tremendously. I have not had any problems with creases or adverse effects on my felted items. My process is to set the washer on the lowest water level and use hot water. I let the machine agitate, stopping periodically to check progress. I do put my items in a zippered pillow protector to keep the fuzz out of the washer. Once my item is as felted as I want it, I change the washer setting to spin out the water and then put my item to dry. I use wool wash that doesn't require rinsing--Eucalen or Kookaburra.

My only complaint about the Booga Bag is that the bag is very soft. I am planning to make a cardboard or plastic canvas bottom support piece to add more stability to the bottom of the bag and help it hold its shape when in use. I'll cover the support with fabric. Alternatively, the bag could be lined, but I'm not really in a sewing mood right now.

Someone asked if the blocking board was just foam insulation or was it covered in something. It is just foam straight from the local Lowes home improvement store. The foam is a light blue color and is denser than the white foam that you see in packing material. It doesn't flake so much when it's cut. My husband measured the space under our bed to see how large a blocking board we could store there. He then measured the foam and cut it to size. To prevent any chipping of the edges of the board, he covered them in duct tape. That's it. We want to make a larger blocking board for doing big lace shawls and such, and we want to grid the board. We're talking about a couple of options for that. When we actually test our theories, I'll post more!

I will post photos later this week of the blocking board, the completed Booga Bag, and the blocked Branching Out.


Blogger Sherry W said...

I always spin out my felted items as well, no problems.

I wish I had room for a blocking board!

12:47 PM  

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