Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ah Choooo!

Like it or not, spring is here! If it weren't for these allergies, I wouldn't mind so much.

Everything in our yard is budding out or blooming. The birds are singing, the squirrels are scampering. With temperatures in the 70s and 80s, I've been enjoying a little outdoor time. I got the urge to plant things yesterday, but I'm not into gardening. We have a built in planter at our front door, and I filled it with some nice portulaca. Mine is supposed to be yellow, but last year, my plants actually produced a variety of colors. I have a brown thumb, but the thing I like about portulaca is that it seems to be pretty tolerant. The front door gets a lot of sunlight and a lot of heat in the summer. The portulaca we had there last year lasted until about November when we had some freezing temperatures. The plant didn't even fuss too much when I forgot to water it.

We also have some plants in pots--Marigolds for daughter, Mexican Heather, and a strawberry pot planted with a variety of succulents. I'll post pictures later in the week when the camera card reader starts working again.

I've not knit all weekend even though I had planned to finish up my pair of socks. Instead, I've been reading The Shop on Blossom Street. I'd heard mixed reviews on the book, but I enjoyed it. I found the characters likeable and interesting. Their stories brought tears to my eyes a few times, too. I'd planned to "savor" this book rather than reading it quickly as I'm prone to do with fiction. It was a page turner for me, though, and now I'm eager to read the next in the series, .
A Good Yarn.


Anonymous Judy said...

Gesundheit! I love spring, allergies and all (and I have plenty, who doesn't around here??).

I enjoyed the Debbie Macomber books too. I don't think reading has to always be for a Higher Purpose, sometimes I like to just be transported into someone else's life!

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