Monday, March 13, 2006

Lazy Monday

I'm feeling rather lazy today. It's taken effort to do anything! Anyone else have that problem with Mondays?

As promised, here are photos of the planting daughter and I did yesterday. First up are all our pots of plants:

Next, here's the Mexican Heather. Isn't it pretty?

Finally, here is my strawberry plant filled with succulents:

We had a great time planting. I hope everything does well. We also have some zinnia seeds and some sunflower seeds (two varieties) to plant. I'd also like to get some bell pepper plants and some herbs for the yard. Lowes has some gorgeous plants right now, so maybe I can get back this week to buy some.

We bought a new table and chairs set for the deck last night. We found a good deal on a 42 inch square table ($48) and chairs ($25 each) at Lowes. We all enjoy sitting on the deck, spinning or just relaxing. Now that we have the table and chairs, we can also enjoy eating some meals out soon as we get the table put together!

I'm still toddling along with the Regia sock. It was just to pretty to stay indoors and knit this weekend.


Blogger Blueridgegirl said...

Ohhh- I love your plants. I haven't put any out yet (or in pots) because I have been afraid of the frost. I think this week we are supposed to get some.

I LOVE succulents. I need to find some- I look for all the little oddball ones that everyone else chooses over.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

You've got me inspired! I have to wait another week or two before putting anything out here--usually we can get started with spring planting around the first week of April. Your strawberry jar is especially neat! I have one that need some plants...hmmm....

1:06 PM  

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