Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Title Free Tuesday

I can't think of a title for this post. My creativity is zapped in that department, I guess. I've been writing semi-annual reviews for my employees, and my creative juices are drying up!

Sherry asked how I liked the heavier spindle (regarding my 2 ounce Golding). I'm still so new to spindle spinning that I haven't really developed a preference to one size spindle vs. another. I like the feel of the Golding, and I'm not sure if that's because of the weight or because it's just such a nicely balanced spindle. I also like my tiny little featherweight Bosworths just because they are nice spindles.

Robin, I'm glad you enjoyed the link to the Sheep Shed. I've never seen them at a show before and would probably not have found out about them without the swap where I got this roving. I just love the pretty colors. The fiber was nice to spin, too.

I'm currently working on another Forest Canopy Shawl using some Koigu sock yarn that I had in the stash. I don't remember the color number, but I'm pretty sure it is discontinued. It has teal, brown, purple, gold, blue, and lots of other colors in it. I bought three skeins of this yarn on clearance several years ago. The shop only had three skeins, or I'd have gotten more! I'll try to get some photos by the weekend. It's been very dreary outdoors today and not good for photography.


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