Friday, February 23, 2007

Great Big Hugs to My SP!

I'm participating in Knitty SP 8, and my first surprise package arrived today! This interesting box was safely placed on my front porch by the Postie (it was a substitute postie today; not our usual slackidaisical one. Yes, I made up that word. Why do you ask?? :-)

I'm showing you the blank back side of the package. My clever SP placed MY address in the return address spot! Talk about not giving me a clue! However, the postage lable says that narrows it down any. She could either be using a "bouncer" to mail things or she could be one of the gazillion Knittyheads who live in NY. Hmmmm.

I tried to take my time and not rip into the box...savor the moment, you know. My pal aided that along by neatly tucking everything away in tissue paper. Here's Mocha checking it all out. Socks, on the other hand, wasn't terribly excited.

Oh my gosh. I am feeling like the spoiled rotten princess today. Would you look at all these goodies?? First there is a package of my favorite Clover stitch markers. I can always use those! Next, some yarn bobbins. There's a yummy chocolate bar--caramel truffle. Finally, take a look at that yarny goodness. It's soft as a cloud--Malabrigo! I've never seen this yarn in person before. The color is Emerald Blue, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you so much, Pal!! You certainly chose things that suit me perfectly!

Did you notice that clever note my pal enclosed in the package?
"Dear SP: I declare the gates of the Knitty SP 8 Amusement Park Officially Open. Did you give your postal carrier a bonus last year? I'd rethink that for this year...they will be your new bestest friend in the upcoming months. So, go on and give Harry or Harriet a great big pat on the back for safeguarding my little treasures and delivering them safely to your doorstep."

Hmmmmm....who could my pal be??


Blogger clothesknit said...

i love the note she included! have fun with this round of sp :o)

5:29 PM  

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