Monday, February 19, 2007

This is EZ?

I've worked up the nerve to try knitting an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern, the baby surprise jacket to be precise. I'm a person who likes things spelled out step by step. It's not that I'm not creative, it's just that I like order. Apparently, EZ did not. She was more a "wing it" kind of gal than I am. I think that's what has put me off her patterns for so long. So far, I have a funny looking sort of bulging rectanagular piece of knitting. The stitches are nice and even, the fabric is soft (using Plymouth Dream Babies) and the colors are pretty, if that counts for anything. I could likely use this thing as a hand towel if the whole origami surprise jacket deal doesn't work out! ha ha!

When I bought the yarn for the BSJ, my intention was to knit it for a friend and former co-worker who's expecting her first baby. I wonder if I'm going to have separation anxiety from this project, though? It seems to be taking a good bit of time....maybe I could get away with knitting her a hat and baby socks?? Nah....I guess she'll get this sweater and possibly the hat and socks as a bonus.

Since I have absolutely no intentions of making or otherwise acquiring any more babies of my own, I believe I may just start knitting a few odds and ends of baby garb and putting them in my hope chest for any future grand babies that may come my way. Yes, my darling daughter is only 14, and no, I really do not want her reproducing at all for at least another 14 years. I'd be old enough then to be a grandma...maybe....and she'd be almost old enough to be a mother at age 28.....

The construction guys are here again today, whapping hammers and making a lot of noise. Husband has been out to inspect and reports that they are nailing studs to the concrete block walls of the garage in preparation for hanging sheet rock. They got the old garage doors out on Friday and installed two absolutely gorgeous French doors. They have to go back and put in side panels of glass around each set of doors to fill in the space. This will give us plenty of natural light down there, especially in the morning.

I'll see what I can do about getting pictures later.


Blogger Beverly said...

Just keep going with the flow. I'm using EZ's percentage system for the Carnival sweater. Like you, it has taken a leap of faith to get there.

Check out the Zimmermaniacs blog. It will give you plenty of inspiration.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

It really does work. You'll love the finished sweater, I promise! I made a different EZ baby sweater this weekend. I think I'm hooked.

9:50 AM  

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