Saturday, February 24, 2007

Home Invasion

I wanted the garage renovation. In fact, I think I'm the one who suggested it in the first place. The workers have been here less than a month. They are not technically inside my house. Still, I feel invaded. Husband and I sat down for a quiet first cup of coffee this morning before 8 AM, and lo and behold. A truck full of workers pulled into the yard. It's now 2 PM, and they are still here. It's Saturday, for crying out loud. I know. I should be happy they are showing up and doing the work. I will be so glad when they are done!

The room is progressing nicely. It actually looks like a room now and not a nasty garage. The sheetrock is up. The doors and windows are installed. They are mudding the sheetrock today and hopefully will be doing the tile work, installing the cabinetry, and painting by the end of the week. I think the entire room will be done by the end of the week. That will just leave the pole building (which should be started next week) and closing up the door leading from daughter's bathroom to the den to be done.

I went button shopping this week and was a bit disappointed not to find much selection. Hancock had the most, but still nothing too special. I ended up buying some lavendar bow shaped buttons and some lady bug shaped buttons for future projects. I found white bunny shaped buttons at Wal Mart for the BSJ. I've sewn them on but still need to block the sweater. I also finished up a spiral rib hat to go with it last night. Pictures will come within a few days--or after I get the blocking done.

Daughter and I made a quick trip to the LYS this morning to pick up a copy of EZ's Knitters Almanac. That was the only one of her books I did not have. After seeing Valerie's baby sweater, I had to pick up this book! I got a couple of skeins of Dreambaby in off white to make the sweater. The sweater won't be for anyone in particular. I'm going to hang onto it in the event that one day I become a grandma! Please, stop laughing! :)

I also treated myself to these goodies from SchoolHouse Press. I read about the Baby Surplice Jacket on Knitter's Review and was intrigued by it. The only place I have found the pattern is in Wool Gatherings/Spun Out. Of course I ordered the entire set!


Blogger Sherry W said...

My Mom is still hanging on to stuff when she'll be a grandma, and I'm 35! :)

I can't wait to see the garage before and after!

11:10 AM  

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