Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Empty Nest Practice

Our little birdy flew away yesterday (courtesy of a charter bus, not an airplane). Her class from school is touring DC and having a blast from all reports. I miss her greatly, but I'm also liking this little taste of couplehood that husband and I are enjoying. The school has been trying since fourth grade to prepare us parents for the day when our kids will eventually leave home. They start out small with an overnight trip to the zoo, then move up to 2 day trip a few hours away, and now this big week-long adventure many, many hours away. *sigh* It's hard to believe my baby is growin up so quickly. The first 14 years of her life have flown by, and I feel certain that will just continue.

The garage/"fun room" renovation is about 99% complete. They still need to put some light fixtures in and install outlets for the cable television. We're shopping for a sofa to go in the room but no luck yet.

Concrete was poured this morning for husband's outdoor tool sheed/wood work shop. It all went well until the truck was leaving and ran over a sprinkler system control box. Someone's going to have to fix that, and fortunately it isn't us!

I just finished reading a good book about the Civil War: The Widow of the South. Carolyn recommended the book. It is a novel based on a true story. I find the Civil War era very interesting partly because I'm a native of the South and many of my ancestors fought in the war (on the Confederate side).

Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat lately. That happens when I get immersed in a good book! I'm still plugging along on a lacey stole and lusting over this pattern. I'm just not sure how those sleeves would look on my fat upper arms! It seems that it would be easy enough to modify the pattern to do a different type sleeve.


Blogger Sherry W said...

Oh thanks for posting that pattern! I'm splitting an order of bamboo from here:

I was wondering what to do with it!!

12:28 PM  

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