Friday, March 02, 2007

From Craptastic to Fantastic

Thursday started out pretty craptastically at work. I'll spare you the details. I also had an appointment with our new internist on Thursday AM, and thankfully it went well. My BP wasn't through the roof like I'd anticipated it would be. I still need to go for lab work and feel sure that the cholesterol will be high. It seems to run in the family. Even my twig-thin brother has high cholesterol that he can't seem to manage with diet alone. We shall see how mine turns out....

I'd forgotten that our friend Carolyn was going to be in town Thursday while her husband did some work in the area. It was a very pleasant surprise to get a call from her mid-day. I decided to sneak out for lunch with Carolyn, and we ended up back at the house to hang out, talk, stalk my yarn closet, and just have a grand time together. Husband phoned home and was jealous that we were having such a good time, so he ditched work a little early and came home to visit with Carolyn.

Thursday evening we attended high school transition night at our daughter's school. It is hard to believe that our baby will be in high school next year. It seems like only yesterday we were starting her in Kindergarten. She's been at this school now for 9 years, and we fully expect her to finish her high school years here, too. We're starting to work with her on choosing classes for next year. Right now, she's planning to try the two honors courses that are available to her (geometry and biology), her core English and World History, Spanish Level 2, and an elective. I'm not sure if they take one or two electives in 9th grade, but her top choices (in order of preference) are Intro to Studio Art, Theatre Performance, Theatre Technical, and Chorus. It should be a challenging year in many ways.

I'm plugging along on a Green Gable (in Royal Blue) for daughter. I finally got her to stand still long enough to try it on, and it seems like it is going to fit great. I've up-sized the pattern a bit to accommodate my larger boobage and have cast on in a medium blue Cotton Ease for myself. I'm not far along enough to try it on and see how my fit is. I'll try to get some photos this weekend, time permitting.

The renovations are coming along well in the house. Almost all the tile is laid in the new den/rec room/sun room/whatever. It looks fantastic. On Monday, the washer and dryer come out so that the laundry room can be tiled. I'm not looking forward to being without a washer and dryer for a few days, but it should be OK.

We're less than a month away from the big theatrical production! Rehearsals are ramping up. They have one every weekend from here on out. I can't wait to see the show--Anything Goes.


Blogger Beverly said...

I'm sure you all had a wonderful time hanging out. I'm so glad the renovations are moving along smoothly. You all will be chillin' before you know it.

9:14 PM  

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