Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Blob

Somewhere in this blob of lace, there is a mistake. I cannot find it. I've ripped out the last pattern repeat at least three times, reworked it, counted stitches, and still...the error is there. It is making me nuts!!!! For any of you familiar with the Forest Canopy pattern, you know that it's an 8 row pattern repeat. It's a fairly simple pattern. I had no trouble whatsoever working this in sport weight Mountain Colors, but now that I'm venturing into laceweight, the goddesses of knitting have turned on me! I keep coming up with one extra stitch on row three in this particular pattern repeat. I've made NO progress whatsoever with the shawl in the past two days. I will prevail, though. I'm determined. I'm also very much in love with this yarn. I checked, and it is Shimmer from Knitpicks. It is so soft and springy. It also has a nice shine to it.

Thank you all for the kind remarks about daughter and her date's photos. I'm really proud of these two kids. They are good kids--respectful, smart, loving, and sometimes real pains in the rear as teenagers can be! I cannot believe how much they are growing up! *sigh*


Blogger Sherry W said...

Pretty blob!
Maybe you can give it a light pre-blocking and find the booboo?

The kids where cute too. I love your daughter's hair!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Joan said...

Donna, forgive me for asking a question unrelated to your blog for today. I was reading about your socks and noticed that you said you make socks with 1 (12 inch) addi size 1 needles. Does this really work? I would love to not have to use the dpn's. Thanks so much.

6:22 AM  

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