Thursday, May 10, 2007

RIP, Sable

My little hamster, Sable, died yesterday. She had a long and hopefully happy life, and for that I am grateful. Sable was two years old which is old for a hamster. Her cage was here in my home office, and I enjoyed seeing her scampering around during the day. Hamsters are nocturnal, but Sable would always make a mid-morning appearance for a drink of water and a snack. She also scratched around a lot in her sleeping area and sometimes made little grunting noises. Sable was a good hamster, very sweet and loving. She had the cutest little pink toes, a wiggly nose, and soft hair. I will miss Sable. We buried her in a little gold "coffin" in the edge of the woods next to daughter's hamster Sweet Pea. Here's a photo of Sable as a young hammy.

In knitting news. URGH. The lace and I had a little falling out last night. Falling out = dropped stitches = ripping out = URGH. Thank goodness for lifelines, but why didn't I use more of them? I lost half the shawl, but that is better than losing the whole thing.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Aww. I'm so sorry to hear about Sable. And, it's no fun having to rip back a shawl done in laceweight yarn. (Ask me how I know!)

12:32 PM  

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