Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Once again, I battled the shawl and this time I won! I have no idea where the mistake was, but I ripped back about 10 rows, re-knit them, and am on track in terms of stitch count. Yay!

Joan asked in comments about sock knitting using a 12 inch circular needle. Yes, this is the method I use when making a "plain vanilla" stockinette stitch sock. I typically will cast on with DPNs and knit a bit of the cuff to get started just because that's easier for me. I also switch to DPNs for the heel and toe. I'm not yet proficient in using just the 12 inch circular, but I've read around the 'net that some people do use the small circular needle for the entire sock. I just like using the circular because I can zip out a sock in a day or two. It takes me a little longer on DPNs. If I'm doing patterning, I find the DPNs easier because of the sharper points.

My SP left a comment a couple of days ago. Still packing the box? Gracious, woman! Are you sending me a yarn store?? :-) I cannot wait to find out who you are! You've been very generous and kind during this round of SP. I know you have to be a very special person.


Blogger Beverly said...

Yea! Sometimes thats the best approach.

I bought some 12's for socks but my hands tend to cramp and ache when I've used them. I've been magic looping lately just to try the technique.

7:15 PM  

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