Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Ramblings

My KP Harmony needle tips came today! I almost knocked down the mail lady to get to the box. I've not knit anything on the new needles yet, but they've made a nice first impression. The colors are great--not as bright as on the KP website, but still very nice. The needles are silky smooth with nice pointed tips. I can't wait to cast on another project and take these babies for a spin.

Bev, you commented about girls' soccer. My daughter isn't a soccer player, she's a cheerleader. We were out watching the varsity boys' team play earlier this week. Daughter tried soccer and volleyball in middle school, but they just weren't her thing. She enjoys cheering a whole lot more. I like it better, too, because they only cheer for home games! Less traveling for Mom.

I got the Klaralund sleeves started last night but conked out and had to go to bed early. Maybe I'll be able to stay up past 10 PM tonight and get at least one sleeve done. I'm ready to start seaming this puppy--remind me I said that when I complain about seaming.

I had a nice little visit with my doctor yesterday who confirmed what I've suspected for many years--I have asthma. He says it's seasonal asthma, and I now have two in halers and a tablet to take for it. One of the inhalers is a "rescue" medicine for if I have severe difficulty breathing. The other is for daily use just to calm down the symptoms when the asthma is flaring up. I do feel a lot better since I've started the meds, and no, it isn't placebo effect. I can actually take deeper breaths which is nice.

We don't have big weekend plans here except daughter has Dance Club. It's a beach theme dance, and hopefully she won't have much trouble finding something to wear. I suggested a grass skirt and a lei (with a t-shirt, of course) but she quickly vetoed that idea. Ha ha!


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Don't you just love the Harmonies? So slick. And I never really dug wood needles before. I'm not sure what, besides the colors, possessed me to order these even. But I'm glad I did! I'm a convert now.

7:59 PM  
Blogger bev said...

i was thinking you had mentioned your daughter was cheering. i thought maybe she was playing soccer as well. janelle has been known to have 50 things going on at! i hope you feel better with all the allergy/asthma stuff. i can relate from an allergy standpoint. fall can be a pain for me, but spring is the worst when the pine trees start pollinating.

7:02 AM  

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