Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just Words

Things on the knitting front a pretty quiet, so there are no photos to share. I don't think you want to see photos of me working or driving a kid all over town, and those are the things that have been taking my time lately.

This week has been spent chasing down all the documents needed so that daughter can take her driver's permit test next week. I never got a copy of her birth certificate other than the souvenir one they give you at the hospital. After I figured out which county she was born in, that was an easy task! I always thought the hospital was in Columbia County, but it's not! About 13 years ago, we got daughter's social security card, but of course it is nowhere to be found now. We filed for a replacement yesterday (takes 2 weeks to get the card) and had them print a letter which should suffice as far as the DMV requirement for proof of SSN. I have to tell you, the SSN office in Augusta is amazing. The place was packed, but they have a great computerized "take a number" system that seems very efficient. You choose the reason you are there, the machine generates a need specific call number and you are routed to an employee who only works with that particular need. We were done in 45 minutes. I was impressed.

I've officially been doing weight watchers for 3 weeks and have lost 2 pounds each week for a total of 6. I have eaten anything I wanted and have not felt at all deprived or hungry. I'm doing points, so if I want a treat, I budget for it. I've eaten out at Chic-fil-A and even had the friend chicken sandwich with no negative impact to my weight. I've eaten dessert many times. It's great. I am not currently in an exercise program, but we're shopping for a Stairmaster. Going to a class is just not an option with my schedule, but I can easily steal away 10 minutes here and there to do the Stairmaster. Another benefit of buying a piece of equipment is that all 3 of us benefit from it.


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I'm doing WW too! I've lost 3.5 pounds in 10 days! I feel great and you know what - I'm eating MORE. That was my problem. I was starving myself half the day and eating only one large meal a day. This breakfast thing is a neat concept.


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