Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beachy Weekend

Mom and I spent the weekend at HHI to celebrate her birthday. I drove down Friday morning (in the pouring down rain and horrible wind) and picked up some groceries for us so that we wouldn't have to do that once Mom arrived. (She lives much closer to the beach than I do.) I swear the wind blowing in off the ocean was blowing horizontal to the ground while I was unpacking the car. It was terrible!!

Needless to say we stayed in on Friday evening, which we had planned to do anyway. There was no way either of us wanted to venture out into that weather again. I made us a delicious chicken mean from my new Weight Watcher's cookbook. The chicken was delicious and only 4 points per serving. We also had sauteed yellow squash and salads to round out the meal and Slim-a-Bear ice creams for dessert. (Skinny Cow is so much better than Slim-a-Bear!!)

Let me digress a bit and talk about the cook book. It's great! I picked up a copy at Wal Mart without even looking through it--it was shrink wrapped, so I couldn't thumb through it. There are many great recipes in the book, particularly interesting things to do with veggies. I am big into filling my meals with veggies, because they are so low in points, even when you fancy them up a bit. The book also has several recipes with an "international" flare such as Greek and Italian dishes. Mom liked the book so much that she picked up a copy for herself.

OK...back to the beach weekend! We did a traditional girl thing on Saturday--shopping. The weather was sunny, but it was still cool and windy. We made the best of it. We picked up some great bargains, too--some tops and a sun dress for daughter at Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch outlet stores, three pieces of clothing for about $30. I don't mind buying the name brand clothes if I can get them at a deal like that. My score of the weekend was cashmere sweaters marked down 75% off retail and then another 30% off that price. I got one sweater for $17 and the other for $30, both of them for daughter. I found several in my size, but they just didn't look all that good on me.

We had lunch at Cornerstone Grill in one of the Tanger Outlet Malls (there are two in the HHI area), and it was pretty good. It was packed, and service was slow. That's the problem when you have exactly one eating place in a big outlet mall. Dinner was much more satisfactory. We ate at The Old Oyster Factory and had a beautiful view of the sun setting on Broad Creek. The service was excellent and our food was to die for!! We both had a local game fish (very fresh!) which was one of the specials of the evening, and we shared a spinach salad. Yes, WW went out the window a bit yesterday, but I don't care. It was a special occassion.

Now, I'm back home again and tomorrow the old grind starts over. I'm counting down the days to Spring Break and a week at the beach. It's 26 days away in case you wondered!


Anonymous Beth said...

I recently bought the WW Take Out cookbook and I like it, too. The last two weeks were bad weeks for me, so back to the plan this week. (I blame the Girl Scout cookies!)

10:31 AM  

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