Thursday, March 06, 2008

Best Swap Ever

I completed the best yarn swap EVER this week. I traded a variety box of yarn (including enough for 2 different sweaters) for a Nintendo DS Lite and 4 game cartridges to go with it--all in nearly brand new condition. I really liked the yarn I sent, but it had marinated in my stash far too many years. It's nice knowing that it now has a new home. I believe the previous owner of the game system feels the same way. Do you think I've had time to enjoy any of the games?? That would be a resounding NO. A certain teenage member of the family has taken it over.

I'm still plodding along on my Taupe Gable aka Green Gable top. I screwed up the waist shaping on one side and ripped back to re-do all of the shaping again. I'd tried dropping just the screwy side, but it came out looking even worse. I'd rather loose a few days by frogging than end up with a sweater that has a mistake in it. I am so close to finishing this thing--maybe 5 more inches in length to go then the sleeves to finish off. The pattern is written with cap-like sleeves, but I'm going to add about 1-2 inches length to mine. I like a little more coverage. I'm also adding length in the body of the sweater for the same reason!

WW is still going great. I've lost 9 pounds so far and am now wearing my "skinny" jeans again! This feels so good!! Just another 8 pounds to go, and I'll have met my first personal goal. No, I do not intend to tell you what that personal goal is because it's PERSONAL! ;-) Ultimately, I want to loose another 50 pounds. I heard an interesting tidbit on TV the other night. For every pound of weight an overweight person looses, that's 4 pounds of pressure off the knees.


Blogger Sherry W said...

Great job with the weight loss!!!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Beverly said...

You are the biggest loser! Yeah.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Definately great swap! Congrats on the weight loss too! Nothing better I think then getting into your skinny jeans! Who cares the's the ahhh I can wear them again factor..(says me with like 4 pairs! ;)

5:46 PM  
Blogger bev said...

congrats on the 9 pounds lost! that's interesting about the knee thing. i know my weight is a major factor in why my knees hurt, but i'm working on resolving that

also, i'm all for sitting and knitting and chatting again when you have some free time come up. i know you've been pretty busy. give me a call and we'll meet!

10:43 PM  

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