Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dust in the Wind

I really need to take some photos of this place just to show you what a mess our house is. There is not one room that isn't in some way impacted by everything that's going on here. We moved the majority of daughter's things out of her room last night so that the lights could be installed in the ceiling, the wall repaired where the plumbers cut it, and the painting done. We've come to a conclusion: our daughter is a pack rat. She's also a slob. This girl is so meticulous about her appearance, but it seems her bedroom is another matter altogether. We're going to have a serious de-clutter session before anything returns to her bedroom.

We're very fortunate to have Joe here looking after the repairs. Our friend, Lisa, is the one who helped us find him, and we are thankful! He's such a nice guy, pleasant to have around the house, and very good at what he does. I'm excited about how things are starting to shape up so far and am desperately grasping to a thread of hope for what the eventual result will be.


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