Thursday, December 18, 2008

If I Could Turn Back Time...

Any Cher fans in the audience? If so, you know where I got the subject line for today's post. Don't we all wish at one time or another that we could turn back time? If that were possible, I'd turn the clock back to Monday. Of course, all that has been accomplished during this week would remain completed, but we'd get another few days in the week to do all those things still outstanding. I'm particularly thinking about all the work Joe and Beth still have to do on our house. Joe feels that things are going more slowly than he anticipated, but I'm quite impressed with how much is done. Daughter's room and bathroom look like they just need painting (which Beth is working on). The family room is getting new lighting as I type this, and then it's a matter of putting in the new sheetrock, painting the ceiling, and touching up the walls. The laundry room hasn't been touched, but that's not my biggest worry. My office wall is patched and just needs another coat of "mud," sanding, and touch up painting. If we can get daughter's room finished and move her and all her belongings back in, then I can attempt to start putting my upstairs back in order.

I mentioned yesterday that I was so happy to have re-connected with friends from high school and college. One of these friends is Jenni. She has always been an amazingly wonderful person, and I'm sad we haven't kept in touch since graduation way back when. The happy part is that now I've found her again. She is a pastry chef! Isn't that cool?? You've got to take a look at Jenni's blog. She has information on all kinds of yummy things that I want to try to make. Jenni makes it all sound so easy, too.


OpenID onlinepastrychef said...

Oh, aren't you the nicest ever, Donna?! Thanks:) It has been so wonderful to get back in touch with you and all the Coker Old Guard (old in a good way:)

I try to make it sound easy because it IS easy. But knitting--no way; you are the knitting goddess, and I bow to your skills!

3:46 PM  

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